Management Services

Microfinance Strategy provides management services mainly to specialised microfinance institutions, including both regulated and non-regulated entities.

Client institutions can draw on a competent management team consisting of specialists and general managers with deep experience in financial services and specifically in micro and SME finance. Microfinance Strategy can either provide a full management team or complement an existing team, in accordance with the requirements of the specific situation.

Build and Operate

Microfinance Strategy creates the institutional capacity required to expand financial services for micro entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses. One of the most effective ways to realise this goal is by establishing specialised MSME finance institutions, particularly in countries where MSME finance is in its nascent stages.

Microfinance Strategy has the experience to launch new institutions; deal with related regulatory, legal and fiscal issues; build the operational infrastructure; develop and adapt management information systems to local conditions and regulatory requirements (whether through the implementation of specialised microfinance solutions such as GMG System® – the proprietary information system of GMG – or the selection of complex bank systems); recruit and train personnel; transfer credit technology and other relevant know-how; and design and elaborate the credit product portfolio. Building organisations with the institutional capacity to grow in a sustainable way over time, Microfinance Strategy emphasises training and the transfer of know-how and responsibility to local management over the course of the management assignment.

Client institutions can expect Microfinance Strategy consultants to be hands on, taking a holistic view of the management process and dealing with the broad array of challenges that are common in emerging markets. Microfinance Strategy will usually work with a team of long-term experts that is complemented by specific short-term consultants as required by specific circumstances.

On behalf of GMG, our partner investment company, we established the first purely for-profit microfinance institution in Argentina in 2004. Argentina Microfinanzas SA was launched as a pilot project in Mendoza in late 2004; and is currently raising funds to extend its activities in other provinces of Argentina.

Interim Management

Through its network of experienced professionals, Microfinance Strategy can provide flexible and versatile interim managers to intervene in critical situations. Interim managers may be asked to take on a general management role to cover a temporary vacancy; or to fill in a specific function for a pre-determined period of time in order to deal with a specific problem. Because of their experience across different institutions, functions and geographical regions, Microfinance Strategy interim managers can provide solutions to a range of problematic management situations.

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