Consulting expertise for banks and microfinance institutions

Microfinance Strategy SARL is a Swiss based consultancy providing a range of consulting services primarily in the financial services sector, including micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) finance.

The Microfinance Strategy consulting team has been especially active in strategy design and implementation, business restructuring and reengineering, turnaround and change managment projects for leading microfinance institutions and commercial banks.

Microfinance Strategy experts have previously held senior positions with entities such as Citibank, Barclays Bank, Dresdner Bank, Renaissance Capital, KMB Bank, a number of ProCredit banks, Internationale Projekt Consult (IPC), Gemini Consulting (now CapGemini) and McKinsey & Co. – in both western and emerging economy contexts. They have managed major downscaling MSME finance projects with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Inter-American Bank for Development, as well as strategy and restructuring consulting projects with multinational corporations in financial services and other economic sectors.

Our experts have international experience spanning a broad spectrum of countries and languages and are accustomed to operating in different cultural contexts. Client institutions can expect Microfinance Strategy consultants to be hands-on, taking a holistic view of the management process and dealing effectively with the broad array of challenges that are common in emerging markets. Project teams generally bring together members of the core team with external experts from our wide network to effectively combine project management, operational and strategic competence with the specific skills, competencies and expertise required for a particular assignment.

Microfinance Strategy consultants institutionalise know-how by working closely with local management and enhancing local capacity and human resources. Throughout the process, the Microfinance Strategy core team plays a key role in defining strategy, supervising projects, backstopping and contributing on specific issues as required.

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